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Baby College® parent & baby classes are designed for parents and children from birth to 3+ years of age. Developed in the UK, classes take parent and child through a unique range of activities that enhance every aspect of a child's development. These include games to stimulate development of: ✓attention and learning ✓ balance and movement ✓ language acquisition ✓ cognition ✓ multi-sensory integration ✓ body awareness and concepts of self ✓ motor skills ✓ secure attachments ✓ emotional understanding ✓ social skills ✓ independence Parents gain insight into different areas of early development as they participate in linguistic play, music, movement and other activities with their child. The programme is sculpted to grow with your baby. Classes are offered in three different age groups; the pace builds and the activities accompany their expanding experience of the world.

Baby College Toddlers in Beaconsfield

5.0 (47)
from £8.25 per session
St Thomas' Church, Mayflower Way, Holtspur, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 1UF
St Thomas' Church
St Thomas' Church
Mayflower Way, Holtspur

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10:30 - 11:15 Wed 13th Dec
from £8.25 per session
Category Sensory Play
Ages Covered 6-12m, 1 Years
Booking required Yes

About Baby College Toddlers

For your older more active baby who is now fascinated with the world around them we introduce additional learning themes and practice new skills.

Activities promote language and social skills and body awareness.

Our Toddlers class is suitable for children aged 9-18 months.

Baby College is the original and leading parent and baby development and sensory program in the UK since its establishment in 2000.

With a rich history rooted in empowering parents and backed by scientific research, Baby College is dedicated to providing quality early years educational classes and programmes.

Baby College’s dedication to excellence has earned recognition, including being featured by The Independent as the Best Baby and Toddler class for Parents during the challenging times of lockdown.
St Thomas' Church, Buckinghamshire
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