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At Ballet North we are a team of dance professionals from different walks of life. Embracing our diversity, we have a common goal; to share our passion with the younger generations of dancers. Ballet promotes creativity, resilience and confidence, making it an ideal activity for children of all ages, background and genders. Our classes are creative, inclusive and fun, come join us today. Classes in Islington, Hackney and Stoke Newington.

Baby Ballet in Stoke Newington

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from £13.00 per session
St Matthias Church & Hall, Wordsworth Rd , Stoke Newington, London, N16 8DD
St Matthias Church & Hall
St Matthias Church & Hall
Wordsworth Rd
Stoke Newington
N16 8DD

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15:15 - 15:45 Mon 12th Jun
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from £13.00 per session
Category Ballet
Ages Covered 2-3 Years
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About Baby Ballet

An introduction to dance and creative movement. These classes teach the basics of ballet, improve coordination, musicality, flexibility and concentration in a fun and comfortable environment.
St Matthias Church & Hall, London
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