Theatre Show activities in Crystal Palace for 0-12m. Bring Baby Drag Bingo, East Dulwich, Clip Theatre, Loopla

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CLIP Theatre provides a range of classes for babies, toddlers and the under fives. We have decades of experiences in Creative Learning and believe strongly in the link between global development, academic attainment and contact with the arts. The arts are exceptionally powerful as a tool for development and learning. CLIP has a special interest in developing creativity, and speech and language in your child. Music is intrinsically linked to language development. CLIP use rhyming speech and language to give your child that head start. Through Mhairi's deep understanding of rhetoric and rhythm thanks to her training in directing Shakespeare, CLIP has it all.

Bring Baby Drag Bingo, East Dulwich in Crystal Palace

5.0 (47)
from £16.50 per session
The Great Exhibition, 193 Crystal Palace Road, Crystal Palace, London, SE22 9EP
The Great Exhibition
The Great Exhibition
193 Crystal Palace Road
Crystal Palace
SE22 9EP
11:15 - 12:45 Wed 30th Nov
from £16.50 per session
Category Theatre Show
Ages Covered 0-12m
Booking required Yes

About Bring Baby Drag Bingo, East Dulwich

Welcome to the silliest, most fun Bring Baby event in town!

Play bingo hosted by a drag queen, have baby entertained by CLIP and have everyone love the sensory joy of a drag artist at their finest

Christmas Bring Baby Drag Bingo is served! Have a hoot, dress up for baby encouraged!

With one of CLIP's delightful drag artists, a fabulous range of pamper prizes, a CLIP leader for the babies and tons of fun, BBDB will make you feel seen again - we won't judge you if you have a cheeky Prosecco and we won't judge you if you don't!

A night out but during the day.

A CLIP leader to entertain them and the sensory joy of a drag artist.

This is your event, the idea is they might well be and that's ok! Round up some friends and have a ball.

We can't take babies who are walking: newborn-crawlers is all good.

PLEASE NOTE We cannot take buggies in the Club Room unless you have a sleeping baby. Please bring a sling, or seat for the baby. There are some high chairs at the venue. Buggies must be parked in the corridor.
The Great Exhibition, London
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