Music classes in Camden for 16-17, adults. Fiddle 3, English Folk Dance & Song Society, Loopla

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At the English Folk Dance and Song Society, we champion the folk arts at the heart of England’s rich and diverse cultural landscape. We deliver programmes of learning and participation, artist development and networking for educators: - Online and at a range of venues across England, and sometimes beyond - Through our arts venue, Cecil Sharp House - Through our library and archive, the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library We frequently work in partnership with arts, education and heritage organisations. We have around 3000 members worldwide – most of whom are active participants in music, song, dance, storytelling, customs and traditions

Fiddle 3 in Camden

5.0 (47)
from £14.67 per session
from £132.00 per term
Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road, Camden, London, NW1 7AY
Cecil Sharp House
Cecil Sharp House
2 Regent's Park Road
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11:45 - 13:15 Sun 03rd Dec
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from £14.67 per session
from £132.00 per term
Category Music
Ages Covered 16-17, 18+
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About Fiddle 3

You will start with simple traditional folk fiddle tunes in a greater range of keys and rhythms than at beginner level, and move on to more complex tunes by the end of the year.

Alongside learning lots of great tunes, this year is about building a wider musical understanding that will prepare you to build your own style, explore a wider range of fiddle music and build your confidence so you're session ready!

By the end of the year you will be confident to play in a range of keys, understand and identify common structures and have begun building your own style and repertoire.

You will start to explore the limitless role of the fiddle in folk music, learn great tunes, improve your rhythm and band skills and build your confidence by learning and playing with others.

This class is suitable for those returning to the violin after a break of any number of years, who are comfortable playing pitched notes with fingers.

The fiddle is one of the most well-known and popular instruments, its versatility spanning many genres and making it popular in many traditions worldwide.

Folk fiddle playing is a fluid technique that can change as much with the individual player as it does with regional style.

This course aims to introduce traditional fiddle tunes and accompaniments and open the door to developing personal style.

Material will be predominantly English but will also include tunes from other European and American traditions.

The groups have a laid back and friendly approach, and allow a variety of abilities to co-exist happily.

Learning will be done by ear with recordings provided online after each session

Young people 12–15 years old may attend with a participating, responsible adult over 18 years of age.