Music classes in Camden for 16-17, adults. Guitar 1 & 2, English Folk Dance & Song Society, Loopla

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At the English Folk Dance and Song Society, we champion the folk arts at the heart of England’s rich and diverse cultural landscape. We deliver programmes of learning and participation, artist development and networking for educators: - Online and at a range of venues across England, and sometimes beyond - Through our arts venue, Cecil Sharp House - Through our library and archive, the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library We frequently work in partnership with arts, education and heritage organisations. We have around 3000 members worldwide – most of whom are active participants in music, song, dance, storytelling, customs and traditions

Guitar 1 & 2 in Camden

5.0 (47)
from £14.67 per session
from £132.00 per term
Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road , Camden, London, NW1 7AY
Cecil Sharp House
Cecil Sharp House
2 Regent's Park Road
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10:00 - 11:30 Sun 01st Oct
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from £14.67 per session
from £132.00 per term
Category Music
Ages Covered 16-17, 18+
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About Guitar 1 & 2

Throughout this course we will be looking at the basics of playing the guitar and developing the fundamental skills involved in folk guitar playing from basic fingerpicking patterns to chordal accompaniment for folk songs.

We'll look at strumming patterns, different chord voicing and learning basic folk tune arrangements on the guitar.

Learning mainly by ear, students will develop skills in a range of techniques and styles in an informal and relaxed environment at their own pace.

This course is ideal for those who wish to gain an insight into folk guitar and pick up some fun and interesting techniques along the way.

Please note that we only accept complete beginners during the Autumn term – there is no Level 1 class in the Spring.

Learn folk guitar in a relaxed and friendly environment. The classes explore all aspects of folk guitar; from flat picking tune playing to chordal accompaniment for folk songs.

The modern day acoustic guitar is a popular musical instrument classified as a string instrument typically with 6 to 12 strings.

The sound is projected acoustically through the vibration of the instrument and is played by strumming or plucking the strings with the right hand while fretting the strings with the fingers of the left hand.

For this course you will need an acoustic six-stringed guitar, preferably with steel strings but any acoustic guitar will work. You will be learning both fingerpicking and using a guitar pick.

Young people 12–15 years old may attend with a participating, responsible adult over 18 years of age.