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Developmental Baby Yoga (4mths+), Chingford and Waltham Abbey Chingford,

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Teaching Baby Massage classes and Baby Yoga classes. Baby Massage is for babies from 6 weeks old till they can crawl. Benefits of baby massage include help with sleep, teething, colic, constipation, trapped wind, brain Development, mental health, bonding and attachment, plus many more. Baby Yoga is for babies from 4 months old. Benefits are that it encourages tummy time, brain development, developmental milestones - sitting, crawling, walking, good posture, builds on confidence, encourages movement, builds on strength, retaining flexibility, lots of fun, plus many more.

Developmental Baby Yoga (4mths+) in Chingford

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from £11.25 per session
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from £11.25 per session
from £45.00 per term
Category Baby Yoga
Ages Covered 0-12m
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About Developmental Baby Yoga (4mths+)

Our Developmental Soft Yoga classes are suitable for babies aged 4 months and over.

A 4-week course consisting of a 1 hour group session teaching Mothers, Fathers, Carers and Guardians Soft Yoga. Baby Yoga is designed to give parents and carers the knowledge and skills to encourage movement and flexibility.

Baby Yoga helps to encourage strength and confidence in movement. Baby Yoga helps to encourage a good posture in sitting, crawling and standing. These sessions will provide opportunities for your baby to have fun and interact with you in a safe environment.

Throughout each weeks session, we will work together to encourage your babies development. We will work on a routine that will be built upon each week.

Parents/Carers will also be doing some yoga movements and some stretching .
Mornington Hall, London
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