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Theatre Show activities in Ratcliff for 5-12 year olds. Dragon's Tale, Half Moon , Loopla

Half Moon
Half Moon is a local organisation with a national remit. Working from our base in Limehouse, East London, we give young people from birth to 18 (25 for disabled young people) an opportunity to experience the best in young people’s theatre, both as a participant and as an audience member. Our activity includes a season of professional plays for young and family audiences, including teenagers, national touring productions and an extensive creative learning programme, including eight youth theatres. Half Moon’s expertise is in supporting artists and young people at every stage of their creative development, providing a gateway to engagement, offering pathways for progression and experimentation and then disseminating outcomes within the wider cultural sector, through performances, touring productions, open dialogue and continuing professional development. Half Moon is a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England and receives regular funding from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, as well as many other supporters.

Dragon's Tale in Ratcliff

5.0 (47)
from £7.00 per session
Half Moon Theatre, 43 White Horse Road, Ratcliff, London, E1 0ND
Half Moon Theatre
Half Moon Theatre
43 White Horse Road
E1 0ND
14:00 - 15:00 Sat 05th Nov
from £7.00 per session
Category Theatre Show
Ages Covered 5-12 Years
Booking required Yes

About Dragon's Tale

Rick loves poetry. He thinks it’s exciting, funny and imaginative.

But all across the land poets are being silenced… by a dragon!

How can Rick avoid being eaten and help save the village from this fiery fiend?

Dragon’s Tale, Dommy B’s latest adventure for children is a high-energy poetry theatre show and includes lyrics, laughs and the chance (for those who would like to) to do lots of joining in.

Dommy B’s charming shows have toured around theatres, festivals and schools nationally and worldwide for the last 10 years, delighting children and presenting them with lovable, accessible poetry.

Dommy B says, “I love performing kid’s shows because children make the best audiences! As well as loads of fun, I’m hoping to offer my audiences a really good experience of poetry, so that they’ll see that it’s not boring, or something that you’ve got to be a grown-up to understand and enjoy. It’s something everyone can join in with, and most importantly have a great time listening to!”

Dragon’s Tale is a Dommy B production.
Half Moon Theatre , London
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