Theatre Show activities in Highgate for 11-17, adults. Bleep 43 Horizontal, Jacksons Lane, Loopla

Bleep 43 Horizontal in Highgate

5.0 (47)
from £25.00 per session
Jacksons Lane Arts Centre, 269A Archway Rd, Highgate, London, N6 5AA
17:00 - 22:30 Sun 04th Dec
from £25.00 per session
Category Theatre Show
Ages Covered 11-17, 18+
Booking required Yes

About Bleep 43 Horizontal

Bleep43 return to Jacksons Lane’s majestic Studio 1 for the second of their horizontal deep listening sessions celebrating the 20th anniversary of their first event.

Inspired by perceptual phenomena and the unstable nature of memory, Bea Brennan creates vivid sound worlds that seem to exist somewhere between the natural and the imagined using improvised and generative compositional techniques, often captured in one take.

A long-standing member of Bleep43, Bea will treat us to her second quadrophonic set, this time previewing music from her forthcoming album, Jagged High, which will be released on Anthony Child (Surgeon) and Dan Bean’s Old Technology label later this year.

A long standing friend of Bleep43 and a restless experimenter with tone and form, John Davies’s Datassette project remains a continued and ever evolving source of top drawer electronics.

Turning his hand to anything from haunted drum and bass to muscular synth funk and machine learning ABBA monstrosities, the constant is his ceaseless creativity and attention to detail.

Following a triumphant appearance at Café OTO earlier this year, this show promises another chance to experience his discombobulating tape filtrations.

Debuting his Hoch Ma Toch project for the first time in London, Drew Wright is responsible for a peerless catalogue, including his solo project as Wounded Knee, as well as part of Firecracker Recordings’ Mac-Talla Nan Creag.

An adept vocalist as well as ingenious manipulator of his own voice, he’s able to manifest a direct sonic connection from the present day to the reverberations of ancient burial mounds and the wind whistling through standing stones.

It’s no exaggeration to say that whatever musical form Matt Whitehead turns his hands to, a virtuoso display of electronics can be expected, be it drum and bass, electro, house or abstract space weirdness.

Having greatly admired his split cassette release on Frequency Domain, Bleep43 are very glad to be finally hosting his ambient debut at this event. Expect modular improvisation alongside a nod to some of the pioneers of beatless music.

Anyone with even a passing interest in electro will be familiar with Emile Facey aka Plant43’s unique sound, which mixes machine funk with an emotive use of melody.

One of the founding members of Bleep43, Emile has also produced three stunning ambient albums, including Vaulted Arches, a recording of his last set for the collective in 2018, and From Deep Streams on Shipwrec.

His fourth beatless LP, Silver Streams, will be out later this year and we look forward to a rare opportunity hear him demonstrate his considerable abilities away from the dancefloor.

For your comfort, Bleep43 will provide a limited number of floor mats so you can enjoy the performances from a horizontal perspective. You’re encouraged to bring your own mats and cushions if you’d like to lie down and chairs are available if not.

There will be merchandise for sale during the event, including releases from their guest artists as well as Bleep43 crew, including Bea Brennan, Jo Johnson and Plant43.
Jacksons Lane Arts Centre, London
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