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Karate classes for 5-17, adults. Family Karate Class, Kenshukai Karate West London, Loopla

Family Karate Class, Acton, Ealing, Southall

Kenshukai Karate West London
We welcome the whole family to come and train, and have received a reputation for being a “Family Club”. The training environment is primarily non-contact to minimise any chance of injury. Our friendly instructors are concerned with each student’s individual progress, and we are careful to take into account people’s age, and physical & mental ability. Kenshukai Karate-do is a traditional Japanese Martial Art. The meaning of the club name is: "Kenshu" = training, "Kai" = school or academy, "Karate-do" means the way of the empty hand. Kenshukai Karate is based on two core styles: Shotokan and Goju-Ryu.
from £10.00 per session
Category Karate
Ages Covered 5-17, 18+
Booking required Yes

About Family Karate Class

Our classes are suitable for all ages, starting from 5 years and up to 65!

We have a family atmosphere so there is always a range of ages in the class and some parents often choose to train along with their kids.

We encourage all new members to start at their own pace, therefore there is no requirement for a particular fitness level or previous experience.

Class Structure

Each week, the instructor sets a particular focus of training - a goal, something specific that the students should aim to achieve. This way, there is always something new to learn.

In order to fully grasp a skill, a person must repeat it many times, slowly developing more depth and understanding. Therefore, each class is structured in a way as to contain some, or all, of the following 7 elements:

1. Warm up and Stretching

When the body is properly warmed up and supple, the muscles become more efficient and are able to provide more strength and endurance. This also minimises the risk of pulling a muscle.

2. Basic Techniques - The core principle behind developing good karate is the practice and repetition of strikes, blocks, stances and kicks until they become second nature.

3. Kata and Combinations - Kata is a prearranged sequence of movements against imaginary opponents. Practising kata develops deep concentration, and improves coordination and awareness.

4. Sparring - Practising the basic techniques in a controlled "fight" environment with a partner, develops reaction speed and helps to prepare students for a possible self-defence situation.

5. Self-Defence - Students are taught specific techniques that enable them to break out of holds and grabs, as well as to protect themselves against strikes and other attacks.

6. Fitness - Certain activities are incorporated into the class that improve the students' fitness and stamina and strengthen the arms, legs and stomach.

7. Fun activity / Games

Children learn best when they enjoy themselves so there's often an optional fun activity incorporated into the class specifically aimed at improving coordination and reaction as well as teamwork.

Whatever our age, most of us are still kids at heart so the big kids are welcome to join in as well!

Overall, this balance of consistency and variety helps to create an enjoyable and productive experience for our students.
St Martin's Church Hall, London
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