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Little Rackets & Friends Multi-Sports Camps, 3-4yrs, Wandsworth, Dulwich and Brixton Wandsworth, Dulwich,

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We are an established tennis coaching company bringing fun, games and valuable hand-eye coordination skills to children of ages 2+ across south London. At Little Rackets we believe that tennis is a great way of improving children's gross and receptive motor skills, so we have designed our classes to do just that, in the form of fun and engaging games. We teach our Little Rackets racket and ball skills in a sociable and interactive environment, with the aim of improving confidence, while also supporting each child in achieving their individual Little Racket goals. We aim to make smiles, encourage an active lifestyle and share our love for the sport.

Little Rackets & Friends Multi-Sports Camps, 3-4yrs

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from £40.00 per session
from £40.00 per session
Category Multi Sports
Ages Covered 3-4 Years
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About Little Rackets & Friends Multi-Sports Camps, 3-4yrs

These Little Rackets & Friends Multi-Sports camps are specially designed to create a fun environment for children aged 3-4, of all abilities to learn Tennis, Rugby and Football!

We host a range of tennis, rugby and football driven activities; using specialised equipment to help develop children's gross motor skills and hand eye coordination, alongside extending children’s confidence and concentration.

What to expect: Tennis, Football and Rugby driven games, team building, confidence boosting, skills and technique development and more!
Broomwood Hall Upper School, London
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