Cinema in Silhouette in Richmond

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The Puppet Theatre Barge - Richmond, 85 Petersham Road, Richmond, London, TW10 6UT
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19:30 - 20:20 Fri 12th Aug
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About Cinema in Silhouette

Cinema In Silhouette

Stand-up comedy meets cabaret meets visual shadow feast in this virtuoso one-man show. Drew Colby is well-known in many dark places across the globe for turning the darkness into something fascinating, dramatic and at times beautiful. In Cinema in Silhouette he explores the idea that hand shadows were the first form of puppetry; he asks the question “why are hand shadows called Chinese shadows in Italy?” and tells the sad tale of how he came to be a hand shadow performer – and the hilarious tale of his very first performance of hand shadows (still

remembered by the audience that were there to this day, on account of the three bears accidentally having an impressively sized bit of a certain element of male anatomy!).

The show includes a rogues’ gallery of notorious politicians, a tribute to well-loved films and gentle, fun audience participation. Drew’s dry humour and shining personality combined with his breath-taking skill as a hand shadow master make this a surprising, entertaining and memorable show.

Cinema in Silhouette has been performed at international festivals including InCanti Torino (in Italy), in Switzerland to sold out theatres (Lucerne and Winterthur) and in the UK. Cinema in Silhouette won the inaugural Phoenix Arts Club Cabaret Award in 2018 on London’s West End.

Age limit: 14 +

Running time: 50mins, no interval.
Current Term Dates
12 August 2022 - 17 September 2022
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14 August - 18 August
04 September - 15 September
21 August - 01 September
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The Puppet Theatre Barge - Richmond, London
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