Theatre Show activities in Little Venice for 15-17, adults. LIAF 2022: Stop-motion Panorama, Puppet Theatre Barge, Loopla

LIAF 2022: Stop-motion Panorama in Little Venice

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Puppet Theatre Barge - Little Venice, opposite 35 Blomfield Road, Little Venice, London, W9 2PF
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19:00 - 20:30 Thu 01st Dec
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About LIAF 2022: Stop-motion Panorama

Since the dawn of cinema puppet animation has provided some of the most mesmerising films ever made and puppet animators have been among the most revered.

Breathing a kind of life into inanimate puppets is a very special form of magic and this programme showcases the continuing vibrancy of this technique.

Puppet films should always look like they were handmade.

The movements are not always clean, super smooth and flawless.

The characters in the films should ‘feel’ real…. because they are! It is these quirks and wonderful little imperfections that make these films so special and define some of the most important elements of a puppet film.

These 8 thought-provoking, moving and downright bonkers short puppet films have been made by some of the most talented independent animators in the last few years from their different bunkers around the world, in Poland, Estonia, Switzerland, Greece, the USA and the UK, proving that tangible and physical stop-motion and puppet animation is alive and well and in rude health in the 21st century. Long may it prosper!

Total running time: 80 minutes

Age: 15+

Short Films Include:

Salvation Has No Name
A group performs a story about a Priest and a refugee but as their misguided tale unfolds, the boundaries between fiction and reality begin to fray. UK 2022 Dir: Joseph Wallace 16’45

Of Wood
Carving directly into wood, we examine its role in daily life and the impact of consumerism. USA 2022 Dir: Owen Klatte 7’00

The Dog Apartment
A boozy ballet dancer lives in a barking apartment. Estonia 2022 Dir: Priit Tender 14’05

In an artsy urban cafe, the generational disputes between millennials and baby boomers quickly erupt into confrontation. UK 2021 Dir: Marnik Loysen 5 min

A wild stop motion trip. Two dudes are lost in the woods. One searches for a way out in vain, the other enjoys the fresh air whilst slowly losing his mind. Switzerland 2021 Dir: Konstantin Rosshoff, Tokay Yotimo, Marco Jörger 5’15

Franny is a young woman growing up with chronic allergies that isolate her from the world. In her search for friends and a soulmate, she finds a parasite that can solve all her problems - for 24 glorious hours. UK 2021 Dir: Lesley-anne Rose 8’30

C'est la Vie
The inner monologue of a man struggling with the instability of life. Poland 2021 Dir: Jacek Olejnik, Rafał Sankiewicz, Wojciech Sankiewicz, Bartosz Terlicki 12’50

In Between
Three different characters caught in a frenetic everyday loop in pursuit of time. Never finding the right moment to eat, cross the street or go to the toilet. Until time suddenly freezes. Greece 2022 Dir: Effie Pappa 6’50
Current Term Dates
01 December 2022 - 01 December 2022
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From £13.00
Puppet Theatre Barge - Little Venice, London
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