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Rugby classes for 4-6 year olds. Beetles/Grasshoppers, RUGGERBUGS Ltd, Loopla

Beetles/Grasshoppers, Barnet, Old Harlow, Lovibonds Avenue

Established in early 2007, RUGGERBUGS is a multi-award winning, fun, and exciting motor skills development programme based around non-contact rugby for girls and boys, from walking to seven years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness from an early age. RUGGERBUGS provides a fun, safe and non-competitive indoor environment for your child to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport. The unique RUGGERBUGS “Head Start” programme assists with your child’s Early Years Foundation Stage development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, throwing, and catching games. Along with the basic fundamental skills of tag rugby important life skills are gently introduced and developed throughout the programme ensuring your child not only benefits from increased stamina but also confidence and self-esteem all of which are vital for a healthy lifestyle and ensures that your child can move into mini rugby or any other sport with ease. RUGGERBUGS guarantees that through regular attendance, you will see a marked improvement in your child’s physical, social, and cognitive development. Innovative in developing toddler rugby RUGGERBUGS remains a family business working closely with you to ensure your child receives the best playing experience. The first toddler rugby activity to be fully accredited by an independent children’s activity expert RUGGERBUGS leads the way in setting the benchmark for children's activities and giving you peace of mind when choosing an activity for child.
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Category Rugby
Ages Covered 4-6 Years
Booking required Yes

About Beetles/Grasshoppers

A combined age class covering the motor skill development of the BEETLES & GRASSHOPPER classes.

During the session the trained coaches will follow the RUGGERBUGS programme ensuring that your child participates in age-appropriate activities.

This normally involves dividing the children into different age groups.

Your Child will now be developing “buckets” of confidence and self-esteem and will be autonomous in completing the rugby inspired activities on their own or as part of a group with the support and guidance of trained coaches.

Parents can now take a well-earned rest on the side-lines but always on hand to provide a bit of support and encouragement when needed.

For Year R children basic motor skills are now enhanced with more demanding rugby inspired skills, drills and games sequences further developing your / a child’s co-ordination, body awareness, controlled movement, and spatial awareness.

The basics of Tag Rugby and core values of rugby are now gently introduced with the emphasis of FUN still very much at the heart of the session.

For Year 1 children the focus is very much on FUN with more exacting skills, drills, and games to benefit the maturing child and bring together all the elements of the programme and their learning before they GRADUATE.

Your child will continue to build on their physical, social, and cognitive development and gain more understanding of the basic concepts of rugby through evasion games where they and learn how to TAG and play as part of a small team.

They continue to apply what they have learnt to perform activities through planning and evaluation of their actions to understand and improve their performance in order that they can move into U7’s mini rugby with ease and put into practice what they have learnt.

At the end of July (final session) your child’s achievements are celebrated with a GRADUATION ceremony.
Mill Hill Belmont Prep School, London
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