Sign Language classes for 1-2 year olds. Sing and Sign - Stage 2, Sing and Sign Putney, Loopla

Sing and Sign - Stage 2, Putney, Barnes Green,

Sing and Sign - Stage 2

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from £12.00 per session
from £120.00 per term
from £12.00 per session
from £120.00 per term
Category Sign Language
Ages Covered 1-2 Years
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About Sing and Sign - Stage 2

Sing and Sign Stage 2 is suitable for Babies 14 months - 2 years old.

If your Baby is a little older, you may feel ready for a class with a little more action and activity! Even if you have never done Sing and Sign before, in our Stage 2 class, we still include the basic advice on how to sign with your Baby and have some lovely songs to enjoy, covering concepts such as the weather, colours, being helpful, simple counting, opposites and even beginning phonetic awareness, all enjoyed through our magic ingredient – MUSIC & SONG! There are also opportunities to move about more, and there are plenty of toys and props to keep your Baby amused.
St Mary's Church, London
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