Drama classes for 10-12 year olds. Blackheath Youth Theatre Foundations, The Conservatoire, Loopla

Blackheath Youth Theatre Foundations, Blackheath Blackheath,

The Conservatoire
The Conservatoire is the focus of arts education and events in South East London and provides exceptional lifelong learning. Our values centre on Creativity, Quality and Community. We are a charity offering group classes and Individual Tuition in Music, Art and Drama. We cater for all ages – from babies to retirees, welcoming over 2000 students a week to our inspiring cultural community.

Blackheath Youth Theatre Foundations in Blackheath

5.0 (47)
from £18.00 per session
from £198.00 per term
from £18.00 per session
from £198.00 per term
Category Drama
Ages Covered 10-12 Years
Booking required Yes

About Blackheath Youth Theatre Foundations

This is an introductory course for those who enjoy drama.

Students are introduced to the core elements of theatre through storytelling, role play, physical and vocal development and simple script work.

Each term we will explore a different style of theatre, so students grow and develop a wide range of skills in both performance and direction.
The Conservatoire, London
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