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Art classes for babies, 1-2 year olds. Little Art-venture Club, 6m-2y, The Conservatoire, Loopla

Little Art-venture Club, 6m-2y, Blackheath Blackheath,

The Conservatoire
The Conservatoire is the focus of arts education and events in South East London and provides exceptional lifelong learning. Our values centre on Creativity, Quality and Community. We are a charity offering group classes and Individual Tuition in Music, Art and Drama. We cater for all ages – from babies to retirees, welcoming over 2000 students a week to our inspiring cultural community.

Little Art-venture Club, 6m-2y in Blackheath

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from £6.50 per session
from £6.50 per session
Category Art
Ages Covered 6-12m, 1-2 Years
Booking required Yes

About Little Art-venture Club, 6m-2y

These classes are a great introduction to the world of art for your little one.

These child-led, exploratory sessions enable you and your child to discover different materials, textures and art forms in an engaging and stimulating environment.

Children acquire new skills on a week-by-week basis and gain more confidence in the vocabulary they use to describe what they see and feel.

If you are already a part of the Little Art-Venture Club, then keep your artistic muscles working by joining our 4-week summer programme, or choose the ones you can make!

If you are brand new to our Club, we’d love to welcome you too!

Please note, these are not drop off sessions, and parents and carers stay and join in.

Summer sessions:

Join our special holiday edition of our popular term time Little Art-Venture Club!

These 4 summer sessions are a great way to try out these classes to see if they will be right for your little artist in September.
The Conservatoire, London
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