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Music classes in Blackheath for 3 year olds. Little Maestros, 3yrs, The Conservatoire, Loopla

The Conservatoire
The Conservatoire is the focus of arts education and events in South East London and provides exceptional lifelong learning. Our values centre on Creativity, Quality and Community. We are a charity offering group classes and Individual Tuition in Music, Art and Drama. We cater for all ages – from babies to retirees, welcoming over 2000 students a week to our inspiring cultural community.

Little Maestros, 3yrs in Blackheath

5.0 (47)
from £7.00 per session
from £77.00 per term
The Conservatoire, Lee Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 9RQ
The Conservatoire
The Conservatoire
Lee Road
11:00 - 11:45 Sat 09th Dec
from £7.00 per session
from £77.00 per term
Category Music
Ages Covered 3 Years
Booking required Yes

About Little Maestros, 3yrs

A fun music workshop teaching children to copy and recognise rhythms, improvise their own musical patterns and create their first compositions.

With their motor skills now developed, children continue to experiment with new instruments while musical concepts are consciously integrated.

Music is now introduced in such a way as to support Phase One of the Letter and Sounds national teaching programme.

Teaching is also designed to enhance and promote other areas of learning set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage national curriculum.

Our future musicians are now independent and confident enough to be Little Maestros… at least for 45 minutes!
The Conservatoire, London
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