Music classes for babies, 1 year olds. Tiny Tots Music, 6-18m, The Conservatoire, Loopla

Tiny Tots Music, 6-18m, Blackheath Blackheath,

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The Conservatoire is the focus of arts education and events in South East London and provides exceptional lifelong learning. Our values centre on Creativity, Quality and Community. We are a charity offering group classes and Individual Tuition in Music, Art and Drama. We cater for all ages – from babies to retirees, welcoming over 2000 students a week to our inspiring cultural community.

Tiny Tots Music, 6-18m in Blackheath

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from £10.00 per session
from £130.00 per term
from £10.00 per session
from £130.00 per term
Category Music
Ages Covered 6-12m, 1 Years
Booking required Yes

About Tiny Tots Music, 6-18m

An early years music class for children ages 6 - 18 months focussing on the interaction between child and carer.

Musical concepts are introduced through play and exploring different sound sources.

This lays solid foundations in the brain for the development of speech and language: but above all, music-play helps babies feel happy and connected to the world!
The Conservatoire, London
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