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Dance classes for 4-6 year olds. Tap Stars, The Little Dance Academy, Loopla

Tap Stars, Fulham and Chiswick Fulham ,

The Little Dance Academy
Our Mission is to foster a love of dance in all of our students. Our Promise - To create a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment - To provide high quality, imaginative tuition - To develop dance technique in a fun and creative way - To encourage all children, no matter their age or ability - To treat every child with respect and kindness We inspire our dancers in a nurturing environment and create a warm and welcoming community where children can learn and grow in confidence Our passionate teachers enjoy sharing their love of dance with our little dance community, and encouraging our little dancers to grow and learn through the magic of movement and creativity. Whether your little dancer is a budding Ballet Bunny, a talented Tapping Penguin, a Hip Hop Bear with style, or a dedicated Drama Lion; they will feel inspired at LDA. Our classes are unforgettable, adventurous, bursting with creativity, and our talented teachers will carefully guide your little dancer through their first dancing steps. We love to have fun, we love to use our imaginations, and we aren’t afraid to be a little silly at times too! Through all that we do, we hope to foster a long-lasting love of dance in your little one, and fill them with confidence to take on the world.

Tap Stars in Fulham

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from £12.25 per session
from £12.25 per session
Category Dance
Ages Covered 4-6 Years
Booking required Yes

About Tap Stars

With a spoonful of shuffle, a pinch of pick ups, and a touch of toe toe heel heel; our Tap Stars class will have your little dancer tapping into tomorrow!

This fun, dynamic, and super upbeat class will develop your little one’s understanding of rhythm and musicality, whilst developing style and artistry.

Tap refines motor skills, it improves coordination, and it ensures our little dancers have the chance to explore their own personal dance flair.

From Happy Feet, to Broadway’s finest; if your little dancer has a passion for the stage; this is the class for them!
Fulham Spiritualist Church, London
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