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Acton Ballet School was set up to offer the best quality dance education, accessible to all. The school has been recognised by the Council for Dance Education and Training, being awarded their certificate of good professional practice. This means that the school adheres to very strict guidelines with regards to the safety and welfare of its students and the quality of training offered by all members of staff. We take great care to make sure that dance is a fun activity for all students, helping with early years development, musicality, strength, posture and concentration. Developing skills which will benefit children throughout their lives regardless of whether they decide to dance as a profession. For any children who do show the talent and desire to pursue a career in the industry there are many opportunities to audition for a variety of additional programmes.

Adult Ballet Fitness in Acton

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from £10.36 per session
Ruskin Hall, 16 Church Road, Acton, London, W3 8PP
Ruskin Hall
Ruskin Hall
16 Church Road
W3 8PP
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10:00 - 11:30 Wed 27th Sep
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from £10.36 per session
Category Ballet
Ages Covered 18+
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About Adult Ballet Fitness

Our Adult Ballet Fitness Class is suitable for those aged 18+

A gentle class focusing on barre, centre and stretching.

Our classes are covered by a regular payment every month.

The monthly cost of this class is £45
Ruskin Hall, London
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