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art-K provides children with a rounded art education in drawing, painting and 3D modelling. Our art class environment is encouraging, inclusive and non-competitive. This allows every student to go at their own pace, developing their unique skill-set. Over time, our students grow significantly in confidence, expression and creativity. This confidence can change their perception of themselves, as well as the perception others have of them.

Children's Art Course in Carshalton

5.0 (47)
from £17.00 per session
art-K Carshalton, 144 Stanley Park Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 3JG
art-K Carshalton
art-K Carshalton
144 Stanley Park Road

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16:30 - 17:45 Thu 14th Dec
from £17.00 per session
Category Art
Ages Covered 6-16 Years
Booking required Yes

About Children's Art Course

The art course is designed to explore both the 2D and 3D to ensure that a wide range of mediums and techniques are covered.

Primary School students will begin with a clay tile project, exploring 3D modelling, perspective and design.

For Secondary School students, the first project will work with acrylics on canvas and will focus on a specific artist.

Following this, all ages will cover watercolours, inks, pastels, oil pastels, clay, papier mâché, metal tooling and much more in age-appropriate projects.

Before the project we do a starter every week; this will work on core visual skills such as visual memory, fine motor control, visual perception and spatial awareness as well as introducing new mediums and techniques, which will develop colour theory and tonal values.
art-K Carshalton, Surrey
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