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Art classes in Wandsworth for 14-17 year olds. GCSE and A-Level Dedicated Art, art-K Ltd, Loopla

art-K Ltd
art-K provides children with a rounded art education in drawing, painting and 3D modelling. Our art class environment is encouraging, inclusive and non-competitive. This allows every student to go at their own pace, developing their unique skill-set. Over time, our students grow significantly in confidence, expression and creativity. This confidence can change their perception of themselves, as well as the perception others have of them.

GCSE and A-Level Dedicated Art in Wandsworth

5.0 (47)
from £22.50 per session
from £292.50 per term
art-K Wandsworth, 93 East Hill, Wandsworth, London, SW18 2QD
art-K Wandsworth
art-K Wandsworth
93 East Hill
SW18 2QD

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18:30 - 19:45 Tue 12th Dec
from £22.50 per session
from £292.50 per term
Category Art
Ages Covered 14-17 Years
Booking required Yes

About GCSE and A-Level Dedicated Art

This art course is designed to support GCSE students through teaching them drawing skills as well as acrylics, watercolours, portraiture and mixed media work.

In preparation for GCSE, it is important to provide a strong basis for varied techniques which they can use to develop their projects and make them stand out, while building confidence.

With the Art Leader's support, students create work related to their course assignments and/or other relevant criteria.
art-K Wandsworth, London
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