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An established Commercial Dance Studio in East London. Our team consists of professional choreographers with on stage experience across the Globe. We offer professional and recreational dance classes for both adults and children in the fun and encouraging atmosphere! began with a love story that lasted a lifetime. Darja Bardo, a dance enthusiast, wanted to extend the art of dancing throughout the area. Her aim was to give people in the area a chance to socialize, get to know their neighbours and bring creativity into their daily routines of people. Attracting professional choreographers and gymnasts, the first Dance Fitness Classes started.

Junior Jazz Dance Class in Newham

5.0 (47)
from £13.00 per session
Chobham Academy, 40 Cheering Lane, Newham, London, E20 1BD
Chobham Academy
Chobham Academy
40 Cheering Lane
E20 1BD
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17:30 - 19:00 Tue 26th Sep
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from £13.00 per session
Category Dance
Ages Covered 8-10 Years
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About Junior Jazz Dance Class

Jazz dance is fun, fiery, and filled with the iconic moves you’ve seen on Broadway and in music videos!

Learn the steps, techniques, and choreography while dancing to your favourite upbeat songs.

Our junior team gets 1 hour of Stretching & Conditioning prior to start working on technique and choreography.

It is a quite challenging class and requires physical stamina to do it.
Chobham Academy, London
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