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Dance classes in Newham for 8-11 year olds. Junior Jazz Dance Class, Dance With Us, Loopla

Dance With Us
An established Commercial Dance Studio in East London. Our team consists of professional choreographers with on stage experience across the Globe. We offer professional and recreational dance classes for both adults and children in the fun and encouraging atmosphere! Dancewithus.co.uk began with a love story that lasted a lifetime. Darja Bardo, a dance enthusiast, wanted to extend the art of dancing throughout the area. Her aim was to give people in the area a chance to socialize, get to know their neighbours and bring creativity into their daily routines of people. Attracting professional choreographers and gymnasts, the first Dance Fitness Classes started.

Junior Jazz Dance Class in Newham

5.0 (47)
from £13.00 per session
Chobham Academy, 40 Cheering Lane, Newham, London, E20 1BD
Chobham Academy
Chobham Academy
40 Cheering Lane
E20 1BD
17:30 - 19:00 Tue 12th Dec
from £13.00 per session
Category Dance
Ages Covered 8-11 Years
Booking required Yes

About Junior Jazz Dance Class

Hello future dance stars! Get ready to leap into action with our exciting Junior Jazz Dance Class.

This course is exclusively curated for our spirited dancers aged between 8 and 11, who are ready to jazz up their dance skills and truly come alive on the dance floor.

Welcome to the world of jazz dance - a world filled with high energy, fun and freedom!

Jazz dance is more than just dancing; it's expressing yourself, making new friends, and gaining invaluable skills for life. And we can't wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!

Our Junior Jazz Dance Class will take you deeper into the vibrant world of jazz dance.

You'll master intricate jazz steps and techniques that form the backbone of this versatile dance style. From the rhythmic "jazz walk" to the mesmerising "pas de bourrée", every week brings a new move to conquer, and our team of dedicated instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Now, who's ready for some dramatic leaps and spins? We've designed specific segments of the class to focus on these exciting elements of jazz dance.

By mastering these leaps and turns, you'll not only be enhancing your dance repertoire, but also boosting your flexibility, coordination and plasticity. And we promise, there's nothing quite as thrilling as nailing that perfect pirouette or executing a flawless leap across the dance floor!

But our Junior Jazz Dance Class offers so much more than just dance skills. At the heart of every class, we focus on developing the person as much as the dancer. We believe that dance is a powerful tool for building self-esteem and fostering life skills. Through dance, our juniors learn how to express themselves confidently, collaborate with others, and even overcome challenges with grace.

Finding new friends is a delightful side effect of joining our dance family. In our class, every child gets the opportunity to make connections that go beyond the dance floor. We are more than just a class, we are a community of young, enthusiastic dancers supporting each other every leap and turn of the way.

And yes, we are committed to making each class an unforgettable experience! We encourage individual creativity and improvisation. This gives our Junior Jazz Dancers the chance to dance their heart out in their unique style and truly shine!

So, put on your jazz shoes, young stars! Let's embark on a journey of rhythm, movement, and self-expression in the Junior Jazz Dance Class. We can't wait to see how you'll shine, grow, and, most importantly, enjoy the world of jazz dance. See you on the dance floor!

Remember, dance is about self-expression and joy. So, bring your energy, enthusiasm, and let's jazz it up in the Junior Jazz Dance Class!
Chobham Academy, London
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