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Gymnastics classes in High Wycombe for 6-12 year olds. Flips/Twisters at Handy Cross, The Little Gym Handy Cross, Loopla

The Little Gym Handy Cross
The Little Gym of Handy Cross offers progressively structured classes and a positive learning environment to create opportunities for your child to try new things and build self-confidence, all with a grin that stretches from ear to ear. Our trained instructors nurture happy, confident kids through a range of classes like parent/child classes and gymnastics, plus fun extras like parties, camps and more.

Flips/Twisters at Handy Cross in High Wycombe

5.0 (47)
from £15.00 per session
Handy Cross Hub, Marlow Hill, High Wycombe, Little Marlow, HP11 1TJ
Handy Cross Hub
Handy Cross Hub
Marlow Hill
High Wycombe
Little Marlow
HP11 1TJ
17:05 - 18:05 Wed 17th Jul
from £15.00 per session
Category Gymnastics
Ages Covered 6-12 Years
Booking required Yes

About Flips/Twisters at Handy Cross

There are no prerequisite skills for this class, so the skill range may vary greatly.

Children in this age range are still highly motivated by fun and love to play and pretend.

While they are interested in learning gymnastics, they are still developing confidence in their skills and need opportunities in which they can experience success.

• To accommodate the variations in skill level, instructors are trained to provide individualised instruction so that every child is challenged and successful.

• Challenging gymnastics skills are introduced, reviewed and mastered to build body strength, ability, coordination, and confidence.

• Playful, fun-based themes are periodically implemented

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Handy Cross Hub, Little Marlow
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